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Vivalicious is built with passion, determination to offer the healthiest baby smoothie in the world and with that we always strive to be a bit better today than yesterday.


We are proud to be an organic, transparent and honest company. 


Freedom equals teamwork for us. Where we all can grow together and achieve maximal personal development. Play, laugh and have fun in our daily work. No competition between us, no lies just pure transparency and honesty.  We create new ideas with the main purpose to enhance your health and wellbeing.  You are our main focus. 


We have nothing to hide. No nastiness hidden in our team and products. 


I hope that you will feel the positive and transparent energy in our products. The hard work we put in our teamwork to bring out the best in ourselves and as a result to always create from our hearts. 


Simple and clean products that contain excellent nutritens. 


I am a real person albeit made up as the "Viv"alicious cartoon. I strongly believe success is built upon decency, honesty and being a hard working company. Our ambition is to offer vegan snack products that are healthier than what is currently on offer in the global marketplace.  


The motto you are what you eat is so true. When we eat for optimal health and wellbeing we tend to feel so much better about ourselves and in turn this makes us more loving, kind and compassionate humans.


A small step closer to create more peace, health and wellbeing in the world. If we can make you smile our mission is accomplished. 



Viv (the mum on the packaging) and the founder of Vivalicious. 



My mum loves me so much, she gives me VIVALICIOUS!

It all began when Viv lived in Australia. As a mum of 3 children she found herself struggling to feed her kids their daily fruit and vegetables as the kids were fussy eaters.

Viv has a long background as an entrepreneur in the food and service industry. One day out of frustration in 2012 Viv whipped up a tasty range of smoothies in her kitchen as her oldest son didn’t like the texture of fresh fruit. This was a hit and he loved it. Overwhelmed by how much her children loved the creation, Viv was inspired to share the innovation with others. That is how we started our journey blending smoothie’s way before the smoothie revolution hit!

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